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Franklin Templeton Statement on Russia and Belarus


Following the shocking Russian invasion of Ukraine and resulting tragic humanitarian crisis, Franklin Templeton has committed to avoiding any support or enrichment to Russia or Belarus as a result of our investment decisions for the foreseeable future.

As such, we will make no new investments in Russia or Belarus sovereign or corporate debt, or equity across public and private markets.

We are reviewing options to further reduce our existing exposure to Russia and Belarus in a thoughtful way that both protects the interests of our clients and mitigates unintended consequences.

Even prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Franklin Templeton had approximately 0.5% AUM exposure to Russia and Belarus at a firm level. Current exposure is a fraction of that.

We are closely monitoring developments that may impact financial markets, including sanctions, actions by governments, and developments in Ukraine itself.

Our thoughts and support remain with the people of Ukraine and everyone impacted by this reprehensible tragedy.

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